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Deborah Majeski (Founder of Protportrait-copy.pngection from Evil, LLC), a committed Catholic all her life, has traveled to many Catholic Shrines across the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Canada, France, and Italy. She had the unique opportunity to meet the Pope Saint  John Paul II, in Rome, Italy in 1988.  She also had the opportunity to be in the audience with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in 2012.

In 2001, Deborah was given a small gift—a St. Benedict medal.  As part of her personal journey to strengthen her faith in God, she learned about St. Benedict’s success in overcoming the temptations and snares of Satan, as well as protection against poison, kidney disease, and many other conditions.  From that point on, she wore the St. Benedict medal faithfully.

In 2011, while praying at the Holy Family’s Chapel in Novi, Michigan, Deborah became inspired to design a St. Benedict medal ring.  Soon after, she realized she had a mission to continue to learn about St. Benedict and advocate his power to others.  She then established Protection From Evil™ LLC, the home of her St. Benedict inspired jewelry line.

Deborah’s desire to gather knowledge about St. Benedict led her to the opportunity of a lifetime—a trip to Italy to see the birthplace of St. Benedict and his twin sister, St. Scholastica.  “The Footsteps of St. Benedict” pilgrimage was organized by the Monks of Norcia and lead by Chaplain Fr. Cassian, a resident expert on the life of St. Benedict.  The trip virtually transported Deborah and her fellow pilgrims back in time to 480 AD.  Listening to Fr. Cassian share the history of St. Benedict as depicted through beautiful mosaics, attending mass, and joining the Monks of Norcia for Vespers and Compline became cherished memories for her.  Other highlights of the trip included climbing to the sacred Mount Taleo cave, where St. Benedict lived for three years in seclusion, and visiting the Abbey of Monte Cassino, that was founded by St. Benedict, and where he died standing, supported by monks after receiving Holy Communion.  To this day, the Abbey of Monte Cassino is considered a sacred and holy place in the Catholic faith.  The trip further solidified Deborah’s belief in St. Benedict’s power and her jewelry line.

Deborah’s first pair of St. Benedict cufflinks was given as a gift to Pope Benedict XVI in November of 2012.  In addition to designing jewelry, Deborah is also an accomplished middle management professional in the electric and gas utilities industry.

This website is devoted to the story, faith, and protection of Saint Benedict.  Our custom jewelry and accessories are created for you, to provide the same strength and protection that Saint Benedict offers.  We welcome you to browse our site.  We know you'll love our jewelry!