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Spiritual Benefits of the Saint Benedict Medal


May the God of Peace himself make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body,

 be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. -1 Thessalonians 5:23


We offer some testimonials of spiritual benefits obtained through the blessing of Saint Bendictst-benedict-cross-symbol.png and the use of his medal (protection from evil).  Sinners, and those resistant to the blessings of God make up a large number of those converted by these blessings. 


1. An 80 year French woman who lived in the latter half of the 19th century declared that she was determined to die without the sacrament of reconciliation.  It had been almost 60 years since her last confession.  Concerned for her well-being, a friend asked a priest to visit her.  He agreed, although he was preparing himself for certain refusal.  However, the friend put Saint Benedict's medal in his hand and said, "Go, Father, and be not afraid."

When the priest visited her home, he was met by the woman, reluctant to hear his praise.  She turned her head away from the priest and said she wanted to go to sleep.  The priest did not attempt to persuade her otherwise, instead he insisted she take the saint medal.  He then kneeled down beside her bed and begain to pray.  The old lady turned to the priest, told her relatives to leave the room, and continued to confess her sins to the priest.  Because of her acceptance to the priest, and the blessings of God and Saint Benedict, she died forgiven and ready for heaven!

2. A devout workingwoman living in Noyon, France was very concerned for her mother suffering from a severe emotional disorder.  Her customers were afraid to bring their sewing work to the woman due to the fact her mother might seize their items and throw them out the window.  The woman was also concerned that her mother was suicidal, and this weighed on her for many years.

The daughter was most distraught over the fact her mother refused to go to confession.  Before her emotional disorder came on her abruptly, she still had many unresolved matters on her conscience.

One day, a friend gave the workingwoman a Saint Benedict medal, which he then gave to her mother.  Instantly, the mother accepted the medal and kept kissing it.  After that, her emotional issues calmed, and she went to confession and obtained great spiritual peace.

3. A woman, troubled by her husband's alcohol addiiction, told her friend of his problem.  She mentioned that he spends his earnings on wine and liquor, and in turn their home is a miserable place. Her friend, a devout follower of Saint Benedict, gave her a saint medal and advised her to touch the medal to the bottle of wine or liquor her husband drank during every meal.

She did so, and one day when he took a drink, he blurted out, "What nasty stuff! Give me some water, or anything expect this wine". When he finished his meal, he went to the local bar.  A short time later the husband returned home and said to his wife, "There must be some sort of plot against me, the wine at the bar was even worse than the wine I had with dinner!"  The following few days, the only thing the man could drink was water.  His wife was then able to gradually persuade him to quit drinking and follow the Lord instead.

Sources: Saint Benedict Prayer Book, 2008, Bart Tesoriero